Alexandra Snowden (Buffalo, NY 1989) is an interdisciplinary artist working between multimedia installation, sculpture, collage and drawing. She holds a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The Cleveland Institute of Art and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Pennsylvania. She is a first generation Venezuelan American and draws upon memories of place and personal narrative as a means of destabilizing myths of identity. Recent exhibitions include the PennMFA thesis exhibition, Time in Dreams is Frozen at the Icebox Project Space and Remote Control at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia.

photo by Jeff Katzin


I begin from the family archive to destabilize mythologies surrounding immigration, emigration, and mixedness to meet an audience who I imagine feels different or is indifferent. Through a latin@ lens, I look to photography and family photos from places as northward as Niagara Falls and south as Angel Falls, Venezuela. I work to destabilize the places, people and experiences seen within the photos and retold through storytelling. I question and challenge my experiences through different conceptions of drawing, and look to expand and abstract images, subjectivity, object-hood, and place. My interest is in moving beyond social imaginaries and constructions to expand and understand notions of the activist, participant and/or audience.